Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy / Low T

Andropause, or male menopause, occurs in approximately 50% of men by age 55. Men typically start a gradual decline of their testosterone around age 35. The symptoms may not affect their quality of life until men are in their 50’s. Unlike female menopause where there is a definitive landmark – cessation of menses – andropause is a slow process over time. The symptoms of andropause are actually quite similar in many ways to symptoms of menopause.

The cause of andropause is a decrease in the male hormone testosterone. As with estrogen in women, a decline in testosterone leads not only to various undesirable symptoms, but also to an increased risk of multiple organ diseases such as:

Symptoms may include:

If you are experiencing a high percentage of the above symptoms, it may be time for an evaluation.

Testosterone replacement therapy in men can safely be administered by injection, transdermal cream, gel or patch and subcutaneous pellets. All of these options utilize bioidentical testosterone which is not the same thing as “anabolic steroids” which are illegal and unsafe.


*Individual results may vary.